Life On The Moon?

02 Aug

Life on the moon?

The subject of UFOs and ETs have been of great controversy through the ages. So far there hasn’t been a well accepted proof of their existence. Many have researched on this subject and you can find the internet full of interesting and bogus information on the subject. There a few who did catch my attention. The first time I read about the moon colonization is when I read the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. William Cooper was shot dead in 2001. He said that he has seen unpublished NASA photographs showing structures and building on the dark side of the moon. He said that all NASA footage and photographs of moon and space are altered before publishing. I forgot about it all until recently when I stumbled upon a website called

The questions about life on moon have for years intrigued the mind of at least one Waynesville resident who believes he recently discovered images that may lead to answers. At least, if anyone will address them.

Scott Greenhalge for months had been browsing images on Google Moon, entering various combinations of lunar coordinates and altitude levels when he stumbled upon hundreds of images that he believes are evidence of lunar colonization.

“These aren’t ufo images,” he said. “These are origin images. What they portend is barely comprehensible in the largest sense.”

Greenhalge is no astronomer. He’s “just a person with a hobby who wondered into this,” he said. He doesn’t claim to have any professional authority on the subject.

His most recently discovered collection of images, however, is most telling. He’s posted the images on a noncommercial web site launched last week,, and has provided a forum for what he said is a “much needed” discussion.

Greenhalge’s web site includes around 300 images, taken by satellite within a particular 400-square-mile radius of the moon’s surface and depicts what he said are “anomalies” on the far side of the moon, opposite Earth, in a rugged “highland” area distinguished by deep craters.

According to Wikipedia, there has been no ground exploration of the far side of the moon, to date.

But Greenhalge suggests the images he has found, tell a different story.

Some images show cylindrical shaped objects, ranging in length from 200- to 900 feet. Others depict objects that appear to Greenhalge as ground structures and/or vehicles. Some pictures show what could perhaps be light towers illuminating certain craters, Greenhalge proposed.

“I nor likely anyone else in civilian life can give you a quantitative answer regarding what or who they might be,” said Greenhalge. “I think the images clearly indicate proof of life. Proof that interplanetary civilizations exist and that we are not alone in this solar system. I’m not an exobioligist or an astrobioligist. I hold no degrees in science of any kind. I don’t hold myself out as any kind of expert. At best I would describe myself as an amateur anomaly hunter.”

He invites all to visit Google moon, enter the same coordinates and see for themselves that these images are real. He believes the trick to his discovery was finding the right small area of the moon’s surface, and viewing it from just the right altitude. Entering the right altitude “was key,” he said. “If not (viewed) from the right altitude, I would not have noticed any of (the anomalies).”

“When I first came upon the images I was a little unnerved,” he continued. “Who wouldn’t be, I was looking at cylinder shaped objects parked on crater edges. They resemble any number of the ‘cigar shaped’ UFO’s that have been photographed and filmed in our skies for decades. You can go to Youtube right now and search out dozens filmed this year alone. Some of the images have very clear ground structure which looks like what we see here on Earth and some stuff looks wildly different which you would expect. There appears to be channels or trenches in many of the images and there are multiple objects within those trenches, almost like cars on a highway. These images are far clearer than any I’ve ever seen and I spend a fair amount of time looking. I took a number of months to collect the images and to digest what should be done with them. I ended up deciding that going public was the only option but wanted to do it in a calm and deliberate manner.”

Until an expert source is willing to explain, however, one can only speculate as to what these images mean. Their significance is something viewers must determine for themselves. Greenhalge only hopes his discoveries will help get the proper discussion started.

“This isn’t a movie, this is real,” said Greenhalge. “And I think it’s incredibly important that those among us that have real knowledge about this stuff come forward to explain what they know and how they know it. I think it’s impossible that some guy in the mountains of North Carolina is the first to see images like these. I may be the first civilian to find and publish them, but I can’t be the first to know concretely of their existence.”

Uploaded by TheLunarcolony on Jul 21, 2011

GO FULL SCREEN. Proof of life. UFO’s on the far side of the Moon, near Mare Moscovienese, dozens of cylinder shaped objects parked on crater edges. Some 1000 ft. long. Ground structure and some level of industry. Is this an origin of life planet? Or are they mining?

The Lunar Colony Collection

It should be noted that the images in this Google Moon collection were almost all taken at different locations within a 200 X 200 square mile section on the far side of the Moon. The images are from an area known as Mare Moscoviense or the Sea of Muscovy.

Finding most of these anomalies required my working at eye altitudes that range between 5000 – 20,000 feet. I encourage every reader to use Google Moon and the other links attached to find record and publicize additional anomalies.

Look for the anomalies that tell the story of life. Look for shadows that denote multi-dimensional objects and ground structure that suggests uniformity of manufacture.

What I found in these images are many large ground structures, the appearance of machinery in the luminescence of crater edges, many cylinders also perched on the edges of craters or mines, lighted towers, craft in formation on the ground, container like boxes and many strange objects that appear to be either digging in or digging out of the lunar surface. You’ll see these same objects creating or nesting in “canal” like slots.

Some examples shown in the images on his website:
Ground structures – image 7, 15, 240
Cylinders – image 3, 14, 32
Towers – image 9, 20
Craft in ground formation – image 2, 37, 128, 159
Canals – image 25, 33, 115
Boxes – image 15, 60


Note: I did look into Google Moon myself and searched the coordinates given by Scott Greenhalge and found these anomalies. So it is there for anybody who wants to confirm. I also found a large area blocked by a big red cross. I wonder what is hidden there…….

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