Realtime Holograms and Augmented Reality

16 Aug

How often do we challenge the realty of things and above all reality of our five senses. After all what we see, hear and feel is indirect because it is not our eyes that sees nor our ears that hear neither our hands that touch. Its is our brain that sees, hears and touches as the electrical signals travel from our organs to brain where it gets interpreted and converted into sight and sound yet, our brain never interacts with the world on physical level. So when we say that we see through our eyes, it is more metaphoric than real if we really understand how it all works. Science has found ways to manipulate this fact in many ways. This is a complex subject that requires a detailed article but for now watch the following video and question yourself that if science has progressed to this level then how could we differentiate between reality and augmented reality? More crazier questions such as when we see UFO in the sky what are we really seeing or the conspiracy theory that the plane that hit the twin towers, was not really a plane. Could there be any reality to it? Remember a technology like the one in this video is only made public when it has been replaced by much superior technology.


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