Most people spend their lives very passively, only reacting to what affects them on the physical level. Get a house for shelter. Get clothing (for obvious reasons). Get food when hungry. Get medication when sick. Earn a living because it is needed to get all this. If not busy with  any of this then watch TV or play video games to kill time. If this all there is to life, then humans have got too much of brain and intellect gone wasted. Humans may have grown by leaps and bounds in material world but spiritually they should be diagnosed with down syndrome. There is more to this world than what eyes can see and ears can hear. Reading, thinking and self reflection are the traits that have given this world great philosophers and thinkers in the past. We have no time for these traits anymore and the result is the world we see today. Reading, thinking and self reflection is the path to intellectual and spiritual revelations. This is the path to understand the reality and nature of things. This is the path that allows us to see behind the matrix of materialism. Quran and Bible promote these traits if one is willing to listen to what it has to say.  With these intellectual and spiritual revelations and impulses, a person is cursed with the compulsion of sharing his thoughts and observations with others with the hope of improving the well being of others.  This is the path that brought me here to create this blog.

Format and topics will vary over time, but for the most part it can be summed up as questions, observations and commentary on things related to life and existence.  (Try to hold back your snores.)  I will also note articles and topics of interest found when trolling the internet.  Nothing earth-shattering here.  I leave that to those who are actually “qualified”.  The blog for the most part is just an asynchronous conversation but I would appreciate your comments, thoughts and ideas. Also, If you would like to publish your own articles, you are welcome do so as long as the criteria are met.

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  1. Aijaz

    June 7, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Very good idea. Hope you keep up with this. Looks nice too.


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