Creation and Worship

The Purpose of Existance

 This article discusses the Ayât of Quran that reveals that all that is in the heavens and the earth is worshiping Allâh.

It is a miracle of Quran that the same text can give so many different levels of meaning to different people at different times; depending on their ability to grasp the true wisdom of Quran and also depending upon their own spiritual health. There almost always seems to be an obvious and a deeper meaning to the same Ayâh. Just like a brilliant diamond that reflects light, its sparkle and brightness of reflection depends upon the angle from which it has been looked at, Quran reflects wisdom and the depth of wisdom depends upon how a person looks at it. Everybody has his own reflection. During the study of Quran a question surfaced, what is the real purpose of the creation of mankind and the universe?

To read the whole article open the attachment…………


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