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Consequences of Reckless Digitization and Broadcasting of Personal Information

In older times it used to be said that be careful what you say as people may remember it and be very careful what you have written because it never goes away. With the advent of digital age and the internet, as the communication has become easier and faster the lines between what was said and what was written has been blurred. People are putting all kinds of personal and private information on the web either in the form of email or social media network without realizing the consequences. Social medias such as Facebook is worse because it is built on the notion that you can say whatever is on your mind. People forget that Facebook is not a private journal under the pillow. Whatever is posted there, is there for eternity for others to see and scrutinize. CIA has already accepted publicly that social media sites such as Facebook are their tool to spy on people. To further emphasize on the consequences of reckless digitization and broadcasting of personal information, following is an interview of a former NSA agent (William Binney) published on, who explains what is happening in US. The rest of the countries are no different may be just a little behind. If you are still thinking why care I have nothing to hide, think again. Having said that, in this day and age we cannot function without the internet so we must exercise caution and due diligence and not leave the bread crumbs to our own potential demise. Read the rest of this entry »

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