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One World Government

Part 1 of 6

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The Coming is Upon Us

The Coming is Upon Us

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After Armageddon-A Look At Post SHTF Situation

This video by the History Channel Shows what could happen to life as we know it after an Armageddon. Really good video. Gives some good insights on what to plan for before it happens

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Hijacking Humanity

Part 1 of 21

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Gold Signals The End Of Current Monetary Order

October 12, 2011

by Hubert Moolman

Gold remains our best means of economic measurement. It is not a perfect or 100% consistent measure of wealth, but it is our best. Due to its monetary properties, gold can be used to measure wealth across generations. Just like we have the sun and moon to discern the times and seasons, I believe, we have gold to discern changes in wealth. It is interesting that the sun is often compared to gold, and the moon to silver. Just like a day in the Middle Ages is comparable to a day in this century, an ounce of gold in the Middle Ages is comparable to one today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Realtime Holograms and Augmented Reality

How often do we challenge the realty of things and above all reality of our five senses. After all what we see, hear and feel is indirect because it is not our eyes that sees nor our ears that hear neither our hands that touch. Its is our brain that sees, hears and touches as the electrical signals travel from our organs to brain where it gets interpreted and converted into sight and sound yet, our brain never interacts with the world on physical level. So when we say that we see through our eyes, it is more metaphoric than real if we really understand how it all works. Science has found ways to manipulate this fact in many ways. This is a complex subject that requires a detailed article but for now watch the following video and question yourself that if science has progressed to this level then how could we differentiate between reality and augmented reality? More crazier questions such as when we see UFO in the sky what are we really seeing or the conspiracy theory that the plane that hit the twin towers, was not really a plane. Could there be any reality to it? Remember a technology like the one in this video is only made public when it has been replaced by much superior technology.


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Life On The Moon?

Life on the moon?

The subject of UFOs and ETs have been of great controversy through the ages. So far there hasn’t been a well accepted proof of their existence. Many have researched on this subject and you can find the internet full of interesting and bogus information on the subject. There a few who did catch my attention. The first time I read about the moon colonization is when I read the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. William Cooper was shot dead in 2001. He said that he has seen unpublished NASA photographs showing structures and building on the dark side of the moon. He said that all NASA footage and photographs of moon and space are altered before publishing. I forgot about it all until recently when I stumbled upon a website called Read the rest of this entry »

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